Chinasak Suwan-achariya

Suwan-achariya Chinasak – Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor (Professor of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Thaksin University, Thailand.

Sphere of scientific interests: logistic, geoeconomics, foreign trade, integration processes in an economy.

An author is more than 30 scientific articles, 12 books and monographs, participant more than 10 research projects, scientific conferences, seminars both in Thailand, and abroad.




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Suwan-Achariya, C., & Chanpaso,Р. (2014).  Interaction of business construction network in the market of the three provinces in Central southern Region. Asian Social Science, 10 (6),  98-106. DOI: 10.5539/ass.v10n6p98  
Suwan-Achariya, C., & Suwanmanee, N. (2012). Logistics cost in purchasing and selling pigs a case study: Pork butchers of thungwang market. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics87, 166-175. 
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Suwan-Achariya, C., & Pitak, N. (2012). Collected latex proportion for processing procedure: A case study: Bandon Khilek Rubber Fund Cooperative Limited. European Journal of Social Sciences, 28, 287-294.
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