Management Problems of Innovative Business Projects and Ways of Its Improvement


Introduction. Global innovation challenges existing in the world at this current stage, activation of strategic innovation policy on gaining positions in the Global Innovation Index by the states, rapidly changing consumer demands, the struggle to maintain the advantages of leadership for competitiveness in the world market, the sudden appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic – faced the countries of the world before the complex challenges, which turned the production of innovative products and services, and the modernization of existing ones into an essential condition in a short period.

Aim and tasks. The research aims to work out ways of improving the problems arising in Georgia's innovative business project management. The following objectives should be carried out to achieve the research goal: studying the characteristics of innovative business project management from the origin of an innovative business idea to its realization based on research and statistical data analysis

Results. There have been reviewed problems in the management of innovative business projects-difficulties in adequately designing the business model to improve the business idea, which requires extra time, finances, and an experienced professional team. All of these hinder the startups' ability to go through the business process, turn the idea into a competitive product, carry out the correct marketing campaign, and build partnership relations at the local and international levels. Due to the urgency of the issue, the rating of Georgia has been studied regarding the innovation development of the Global Innovation Index. The positive attitude of the country towards the innovation policy has been determined, as reflected in the innovation policy carried out by the government. By analyzing the statistical data, grants and their effectiveness as issued to business projects by "Startup Georgia", "Produce in Georgia", and the European Union have been compared.

Conclusions. The conclusions have been developed by analyzing the results of the research to eliminate the mentioned problems, according to which the constantly changing environment of the market economy forces companies to quickly adapt to market challenges to gain competitiveness and eliminate the problems existing in project management in parallel with the production of innovative products with the participation of professional project managers.


innovative business projects, startups, project management, competitiveness.


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