General information

The journal «Economics. Ecology. Socium» is an established scientific and practical journal for publication and communication in the economics sphere, founded in 2017 .

The journal covers the authors’ research and developments concerning theoretical and applied questions of economy development, national, regional and local social economic and ecological systems, their integration into the world economy, setting up business environment and new forms of enterprise, introduction of economic innovations. 

An electronic scientific and practical journal «Economics. Ecology. Socium» is published four issues per year and is distributed via Internet.

The journal provides readers with free access to all published content. Users are free to read, download, copy and print submissions, search content and link to published articles, disseminate their full text and use them for any legitimate non-commercial purposes (i.e. educational or scientific) with the mandatory reference to the article’s authors and initial publication in this journal.

Official materials, business information, reports, reviews are submitted.

The journal is oriented at scholars, teachers, managers, specialists in national economy, businessmen, graduate students.

The Editorial Board of the journal practices the "blind" peer review: reviewers know the authors’ names, but the authors are not told the reviewers’ names

The leading Ukrainian and foreign specialists comprise the Editorial board of the journal.

Scope of distribution: national and foreign.

Journal Sections:

  • Economic development and management of the national economy (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Market mechanisms of entrepreneurship development (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Natural resource economics (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Challenges of economic development of society (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Logistics, transport, infrastructure (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Regional economics (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).

Manuscript languages: Ukrainian, English.

Publication Frequency: 4 issues  per year.

Founded: 2017

ISSN-L:  2616-7107

Online media registration: N430/22.06.2023

Yours faithfully, the editorial board of the journal «Economics. Ecology. Socium».