Journal Archiving

Authors maintain the copyright to their academic work and are entitled to archive the pre-print, post-print, or publisher/PDF versions in personal or institutional repositories or libraries at their discretion, without seeking permission from the journal or publisher.

For articles published in the Economics Ecology Socium Journal, authors have the right to deposit the accepted manuscript or the final published version in institutional and/or centralized repositories, making them publicly accessible, with the stipulation that the journal and publisher of The Economics Ecology Socium Journal are duly acknowledged as the original place of publication, along with accurate citation details.

Furthermore, authors can make their published articles immediately accessible to the public after publication, without the need for permission, by depositing them in repositories, libraries, or personal websites. In doing so, it is essential to include the URL of the published article along with the PDF version, accurately specifying the title as the Economics Ecology Socium Journal and providing other necessary citation information.

The Journal uses the system for distributed archival storage of published content in numerous libraries and information centres. In addition, all files are stored in the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Original information content will never be altered but may be annotated or supplemented by clearly noted errata, references and other developments after the original publication.

Archiving and Sharing Policy

Authors can freely share an accepted manuscript at any point following publication. This includes posting a downloadable copy on any website, storing a copy in any repository or network, distributing a copy through any social media channel, or disseminating print or electronic copies.

Authors are permitted to utilize the final published PDF in the following manners:

  • In connection with personal teaching, with the condition that electronic distribution is restricted.
  • For individual sharing with fellow researchers, as long as the sharing is non-commercial.
  • In their thesis or dissertation.

Digital Archiving and Preservation

The Economics Ecology Socium Journal uploads every scientific information it publishes for archiving purposes in order to guarantee the content's long-term digital preservation. Furthermore, Research Gate and other institutional repositories, including Semantic Scholar, receive access to the journal's metadata. This procedure is in place to ensure that the public will always have access to the published scientific content from the Economics Ecology Socium Journal, even in the case that the journal closes down or unintentionally loses data from its private archival records. The Economics Ecology Socium Journal has also taken steps to ensure that the metadata of all its open-access journals is consistently retrievable by digital scanners for documentation and conservation. This alignment of metadata with known repository services was achieved.