Focus and Scope

The Economics Ecology Socium Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality original research across the entire range of science on related to theoretical and applied issues of economic development, social, and environmental systems, their integration into the global economy and business creation. The Journal encourages greater interaction between perspectives on sustainability and developing human societies with comprehensive review articles. 

The research findings in the Journal are intended to promote innovative solutions and practices that promote sustainable development and provide an impetus for the application of scientific advances to develop environmentally friendly and socially responsible approaches to economic activity.

Full-length articles:
Original research papers that report results of value to documents that present valuable findings for communities constituting the journal audience. The encouragement lies in exploring the connections between businesses, the environment, and society and their correlation with sustainable development. Apart from addressing overarching themes in economics and environmental research, full-length articles are organized into three specific sub-sections: management of technology and eco-innovation, organizational behavior and human resource management, agricultural and resource economics, with a special focus on sustainability and renewable energy.

Review articles:
Review articles systematically arrange, elucidate, and condense prominent existing works within the
Journal's covered areas, offering thorough citations across the entire range of pertinent literature.


This Journal invites original research on the following topics:

  • Business Engineering and Management (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Market Mechanisms and Industrial Relations (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Ecology and Natural Resource Economics (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Management of Technology and Innovation (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Agricultural and Resourse Economics (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Enviromental Economics and Education (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).
  • Sustainability, Renewable Energy and the Environment (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed).

Open Access

Following the principle that knowledge is a public good, the journal adheres to the BOAI definition of open access: that users have the right to "read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles".

The Journal prioritize research based on sound theoretical reasoning and scientific methodology rather than solely on the statistical significance of the results.


The Economics Ecology Socium Journal was established because of the pressing demand to disseminate up-to-date, thorough reviews of environmental economics research across interdisciplinary and complementary domains. The journal aims to cater to the research and educational requirements of emerging researchers, scientists, governmental and policy analysts, and other professionals in these swiftly evolving fields. 
Editors welcome papers from scholars, lecturers, managers, and specialists in economics, business engineering, and sustainability.