Conflict-of-Interest Statement for publications

The Economics Ecology Socium Journal is dedicated to following the highest ethical principles of scholarly publishing and promoting the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct in research and evaluation. To uphold these principles, it is important to follow policies to address potential conflicts of interest.

Authors must declare all potential interests, explaining why the interest may be a conflict. If there are none, the authors should state "The author (s) declare (s) that there is no conflict of interest concerning the publication of this article". The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest. Declared conflicts of interest will be considered by the editor and reviewers and included in the published article.

The authors should affirm that they have adhered to the ethical standards and guidelines of the Economics Ecology Socium Journal,  and that any potential conflicts have been disclosed accurately and transparently.

Competing Interests
Authors are required to transparently disclose any competing interests by making declarations during the submission process through the manuscript submission system. A statement on behalf of all authors must be provided by the corresponding author.

The authors declare the following potential conflicts of interest:

Financial Interests: Specify any financial relationships or interests that may have influenced the research or its outcomes. This includes employment, consultancies, stock ownership, honoraria, and other relevant financial associations to the subject matter. 

Non-Financial Interests: Disclose any non-financial interests that may pose a conflict of interest. This could involve personal relationships, academic affiliations, or involvement in organizations with a stake in the research. 

Research Funding: Indicates any sources of funding for the research that may be perceived as having influenced the outcomes. This clearly states the role of the funding source in the research process.

Patents and Intellectual Property: Specify if any patents or intellectual property rights are associated with the research and whether these may create a conflict of interest.

Application to Referees
The Economics Ecology Socium Journal urges reviewers to recuse themselves in the presence of a notable conflict of interest, whether financial or otherwise. The editors kindly ask reviewers to notify them of any associated interests, including financial considerations as previously defined, that might be perceived as pertinent.
Application to Editors and Editorial Board
 All editors and editorial boards affiliated with the Economics Ecology Socium Journal are obligated to disclose any conflicts of interest or competing interests.

Furthermore, they are expected to refrain from managing manuscripts in instances where a competing interest arises. This may encompass situations such as having previously collaborated with one or more authors or sharing an institutional affiliation with one or more authors.

If an editor or member of the editorial board is identified as an author or has any competing interests related to a specific manuscript, an alternative editor or board member is designated to oversee the review process. These manuscripts underwent the same thorough review process as any other submission.


The authors should carefully consider any potential conflicts and provide a thorough and honest declaration to maintain the integrity of the publication process.