The editorial board of the journal invites the submission of scientific papers in:

  • Issue № 1 until 1 September of the current year.
  • Issue № 2 until 1 December of the current year.
  • Issue № 3 until 1 March of the current year
  • Issue № 4 until 1 June of the current year.


 The paper should include not only UDC and JEL Classіfіcatіon (that is laid out at the beginning of the article and precede the text) – but also ORCID (

The article should be prepared in word processing program Microsoft Office Word 2003.

Section headings should be set in bold.

Under the table or under the picture the references for the source of information should be added.


  • the author’s name, surname (it is obligatory to give the author’s name and surname in English according to passport data or any other IDs);
  • the author’s information (scientific degree, academic rank, position, place of work or study, city);
  • the title of the article;
  • the abstract;
  • the author’s abstract in English;
  • key words (should not duplicate words from the title of the article);
  • JEL Classіfіcatіon;
  • e-mail;
  • Identifier ORCID;
  • references.

General requirements for submission formatting