Publication policies

Publishing an article in the professional journal «Economics. Ecology. Socium» the authors  confirm, that:

  • the author has all rights on it and the consent of coauthors on а publication, giving right to the publisher of the journal for publicity of these materials in the printed and electronic version;
  • the authors agree to the politics of this professional edition concerning impossibility of a publication return in case of it recall and they refuse from claims against a publisher concerning the recall of the article.


  • absence or incomplete data about the authors or contact information;
  • absence of UDC, JEL classification;
  • absence of the reference;
  • insufficient volume of the article (less than 10 pages);
  • insufficient volume of the abstract (less than 200 words);
  • insufficient volume of the reference list (less than 8 sources);
  • the article was already published in another edition (including electronic editions);
  • revealing plagiarism in the article (totally more than 40% of the text);
  • violation of quoting