Modern approaches for the formation of the analytical instrumentary of the marketing policy of Ukrainian enterprises


Introduction. The main trends of Ukrainian economy such as globalization, strengthening of the role of integration associations, ecologization and socialization of economic activity leads to the question of improving the marketing policy and using the most effective tools for Ukrainian companies. It should be selected modern analytical marketing tools, which will allow comprehensively analyzing the situation of the enterprise at the moment and prospects of its development, analyzing the weak and strong sides, identifying opportunities and evaluating the potential of the company for achieving these aims. It is necessary to accurately determine the essence of each of them, the main principles of their implementation and the specifics of application for Ukrainian enterprises for improving the efficiency of using marketing tools.

Aim and tasks. So, the purpose of the article is to identify contemporary analytical tools of marketing policy and their interconnection.

Research results. The combination of tools such as marketing audit, marketing policy diagnostics, foresight and benchmarking will be as effective as possible for achieving the highlighted goals. It is necessary to consider the essence, goals and results of using these analytical tools understanding the effectiveness and place of it in the marketing activities of domestic enterprises. The study was identified marketing audit and marketing diagnostics have a similar field of study, but the results are different: in the case of a marketing audit, this is a program of measures for adapting to environment changes, and in marketing diagnostics - the formation of a strategy or its change. It was improved the concept of foresight and also was considered the main differences from expert forecasting. It was defined that foresight helps to the company make an accurate forecast of its development and forecast of environment changes. On the basis of it a program of measures is created to achieve maximum results in predicted conditions. The scheme of the benchmarking process for Ukrainian enterprises was proposed. It was highlighted that benchmarking allows identifying a company-standard and set goals for enterprise development, in achieving which will increase profitability and market positions.

Conclusion. The question of formation an analytical marketing tool for marketing policy is important for modern Ukrainian enterprises. Choosing of effective tools will increase their competitiveness and keep competitive positions. The tools that can provide a complex and comprehensive analysis of the marketing environment, identify weak and strong sides, formulate and adjust the marketing strategy of the enterprise, include marketing audit, marketing policy diagnostics, foresight and benchmarking. The authors emphasize that the use of dedicated tools will have a synergistic effect as a result of a complex, integrated and systematic study of the company's activity, analysis of the ways of its development.


analytical tools, benchmarking, marketing diagnostics, marketing audit, foresight


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