Pragmatics and problemmatics of the banking sector functioning in Ukraine


Introduction. The permanent occurrence of crisis phenomena in the Ukrainian economy requires the state authorities and the National Bank to search for effective and optimal ways to overcome the economic downturn. Among the important elements in building a system of measures to counteract the recession and stimulate stable economic growth is to ensure a high level of financial stability of the banking system of the country. The banking system has key functions in the mechanism of implementation of the state economic policy to counteract the emergence of negative trends in both the real and financial sectors of the economy. In connection with this, the urgency of the issue of ensuring the proper level of functioning of the banking system is violated.

Aim and tasks. The purpose of the research is to deepen the theoretical positions regarding the problematic aspects of the activities of banking institutions and to develop practical recommendations for improving the efficiency of their functioning in Ukraine.

Research results. The paper examines the current state of functioning of the banking sector. On the basis of the conducted research, the existence of direct and indirect influence on functioning of the banking system in Ukraine was noted. The existence of the relationship between the main macroeconomic factors and functioning of the banking sector has been proved. By means of mathematical tools, a direct correlation between the growth of gross domestic product and the growth of net bank assets was established. The positive foreign experience of countries with transition economies, which managed to ensure the efficient functioning of the banking system has been considered. The promising measures that will promote the improvement of the banking system and stimulate economic development have been outlined.

Conclusions. The analysis of the status of banking institutions indicates the need for changes and effective reforms in the banking system. Realization of any type of reforms carries both potential advantages and the possibility of occurrence of certain risk situations. Therefore, it is expedient and consistently to outline a list of measures that will promote the improvement of the banking system and stimulate economic development, namely: a systematic approach to solving the problem of asset quality; increase of the savings base, which will allow to expand lending; strengthening of the requirements for disclosure of information about the financial status, ownership and management structure of banks; increasing financial literacy of the population; provision of corporate governance of banks on the basis of the best world standards; carrying out constant supervision of the degree of concentration of bank capital in terms of the country and its origin.


bank, banking supervision, banking crises, financial institutions, Ukrainian banking system, gross domestic product


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