Innovation and investment monitoring as a tool of information support for activisation of the innovation and investment activity of an enterprise


Introduction. Information support for innovation and investment activity is an independent tool of its activisation and is a process of continuous purposeful selection of relevant integrated indicators, which are necessary for the coordination of planning, control, production and collecting information on all areas of innovation and investment activities. The main methodological tool of information support for innovative and investment activity should be a monitoring method, which is a component of the controlling system and allows a manager to control the implementation of innovation and investment strategy on the basis of the indicators monitoring.

Aim and tasks. The aim of this work is to provide methodological basis for organization of innovation and investment monitoring system at the enterprise as a tool of information support for activisation of its innovation and investment activity.

Research results. Innovation and investment monitoring should be considered as a system of monitoring, evaluation and forecasting of key changes in innovation and investment activity of an economic entity. The methodical basis of the innovation and investment controlling are the indicators of production and financial accounting, integrated into a single database based on the modern information and communication technologies. Innovation and investment monitoring includes three components: monitoring of the external environment of the investment projects, monitoring of the general results of the strategic investment plan, monitoring of the specific actions performance (monitoring of efforts and individual results).

The article considers the management support system building, which constitutes of subsystems for personal information, analysts, operational, middle and senior management level.

Conclusions. Information support for innovation and investment activities is an independent direction of its activation and is a process of continuous targeted selection of relevant integrated indicators. Monitoring method is considered as the main methodological tool of information support for the activation of innovation and investment activity. In order to build information and investment monitoring system it is proposed to use the suggested conceptual approach to the formation of innovation and investment controlling, system of indicators of innovation and investment monitoring, monitoring of legislative support of innovation and investment activities, the appropriate information systems in the enterprise.


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