Development directions of domestic tourist companies


Introduction. In the 21st century tourism took a leading place in the international foreign economic relations, began to have a serious impact on development of economy of the certain countries and the world economy in general. Тhose benefits for both people and economy of countries and the whole regions do not raise any doubts. Tourism is a complex sector, but it significantly influences national economy, social and humanitarian bases.

Aim and tasks. Research objective is definition of the developments’ directions and tourism industry’s financing, identification of factors, regularities and development trends at the present stage in Ukraine. Thus, there was a task to analyze systemically the current state of the Ukrainian tourist industry’s development, in other countries, and to investigate the question concerning financial and organizational component of the Ukrainian tourism industry functioning in Ukraine.

Results. It was offered to use the concept of tourism development with transition in development from short-term to long-term planning, at the international, national and regional levels. Developing of the telecommunications has a certain influence on the development directions of the tourist industry: development of portals, websites, mobile applications to simplify communication between suppliers of tourism and ultimate consumers. In Ukraine, is more effective the state regulation model of tourism with control through the separate divisions in two directions. This will resolve the question of budgetary funds use for development and implementation of tourism’s development programs. It is necessary to use alternative sources of travel business’s financing such as agreements about tourist object’s share uses, as partnership in attraction of borrowed funds and sponsorship.

Conclusions. Аt the present stage the important direction is state regulation in tourism in combination of the state and regional development tourism programs. These regulations requires improvement of tourists’ service quality and personnel’s professional competences development, development of the marketing plan and creation of the Ukrainian tourist agencies on advance in Ukraine and abroad. Such development has to be carried out by taking into account development of an information economy: in the Internet and with use of innovative financial instruments.


tourism industry, organization of tourism development, financial aspects, tourist informatization, market self-regulation of tourism


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